Employer Voices Heard as Dorset LSIP Approved

The Dorset Local Skills Improvement Plan has been approved by the Secretary of State in line with the approval criteria set out in the Skills and Post-16 Education Act 2022, and in accordance with the LSIP statutory guidance.  You can view the approved Stage 1 report here: https://dorsetchamber.co.uk/lsip/

Ian Girling, chief executive, Dorset Chamber said: “Since the launch of the LSIP process in November 2022, Dorset Chamber has worked with a wide range of stakeholders including other ERB partners, employers, education and training providers, and organisations who support learners and people not-in-employment. We’ve targeted and spoken to small and micro businesses who are typically unheard across the sectors and the county with an approach that has been collaborative and focused on constructive partnership working.”

“Dorset has clear strengths to build on. This includes new and expanding businesses, skilled apprentices, and an education and training system that is passionate about its learners and supports their transition to and ongoing development in the workplace.

“The need for long-term change is clear. The next stage of the Dorset LSIP must result in the development of a clear action plan involving all parties. We must ensure that we understand the skills that businesses need now and, in the future, and evolve provision to meet these needs.

“Dorset Chamber and the LSIP Project team would like to thank all partners and stakeholders for their support, positive approach, and contribution to this review. We look forward to building a stronger workforce in Dorset together.”

What’s next?

Phase 2 of the Dorset LSIP has begun and further details of the action plan will be shared in the Autumn. There will be ongoing opportunities to take part in 1-2-1 discussions, workshops, surveys. Your input into the action plan is fundamental throughout the LSIP process up to 2025. Sign-up here or email lsip@dorsetchamber.co.uk

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