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FOCUS ON PROTECTION: Anyone can sell safety, but you wouldn’t buy safety from anyone

Posted on: 19/07/2021

“Anyone can sell safety but you wouldn’t buy safety from anyone”

That’s the dictum of the British Safety Industry Federation’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme – a membership that Tower Supplies joined in 2017.

Every year Tower’s quality processes are audited by the BSiF – they also take a Tower product for physical testing and inspection as well as reviewing all the documentation.

Tower are proud to be members of the BSiF as the federation’s purpose and goal is for a better, safer work environment for those exposed to risk and to be a point of excellence.

As Tower’s Director of Marketing I attend the BSiF’s AGM, conference and events, and I am a member of the federation’s Special Interest Groups that meet to discuss legislative developments and their implications for products.

The BSiF provides support to members like Tower whose role is to help keep people safe and healthy at work. As distributor of personal protective equipment, Tower is also part of the BSiF’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme that aims to enhance quality and capability, driving up standards in the PPE supply chain.

Tower, as a BSiF member, has the right to use the Primary Authority status by partnership with Trading Standards. For buyers/users this means that we are being recognised as a point of excellence.

To prove such expertise and experience, Tower voluntarily enrols staff onto the federation’s OFQUAL qualification (called the Safe Supply Accreditation) designed for people that sell safety equipment. Tower has a 100% end theory test pass rate – I’m pleased to confirm I’m qualified and can say “Anyone can sell safety but you wouldn’t buy safety from anyone”.

Mark Dowling, Director of Marketing

01202 305518 |


This article is featured in the July edition of the Dorset Business Focus magazine. Read on the online version here.

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