Got Your 6
‘We’ve Got Your Back’

Supporting Business Leaders

Got Your 6
‘We’ve Got Your Back’

Supporting Business Leaders

Got Your 6
‘We’ve Got Your Back’

Supporting Business Leaders

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Lester Aldridge

Our Health and Wellbeing Programme is kindly supported by Lester Aldridge

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Got Your 6 (GU6) is a Peer Support initiative for Business Leaders

What GU6 Offers – Supporting the Positive Mental Health of Business Leaders and Team Members

It offers a welcoming space where all business owners and team members are welcome, and the focus is on resilience and self-care within the mental health spectrum. We want business leaders and team members to flourish and in turn for their businesses or the businesses in which people are employed to succeed and be strong and resilient.

It provides a confidential and approachable environment for business leaders and their team members to share the stresses and strains of business, give support where mental health may be affected and to provide relevant signposting where appropriate, to a qualified professional provider.

We are a neutral, non-commercially driven, non-judgmental confidential hub where people can talk, share experiences, and discuss anxieties with other business leaders in order to gain clarity, respite, and control over issues that may be affecting them.


How it works

  • We have GU6 Champions who have volunteered their time for those who may be in need of support.
  • They have all undergone Mental Health First Aid training.
  • They are there to help others who may be struggling.
  • They can signpost to support.

Originally developed with the boss in mind, who is often carrying the weight of their organisation and their teams’ livelihoods on their shoulders, it has been named after a term used by WW2 fighter pilots where they protected the ‘backs’ of fellow pilots in formation at the vulnerable rear ‘six o’clock’ position. Dorset Chamber ‘has the backs’ of those in our business community who may need some confidential support. The scope of the programme has now been widened to provide support to team members as well as the boss.

How to approach a
GU6 champion

GU6 Champions attend Dorset Chamber events, whether it be networking, business expos, business leader lunches or our Connecting in Nature walks. They will be more than happy to be approached for a chat. You can also contact them via LinkedIn. 

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How to become a
GU6 champion

We are always looking for additional champions to come on board. We would like representations for a wide range of sectors. Being a chamber member is not required to become a GU6 Champion. We just ask that you undertake a Mental Health First Aid training course. Please complete this online form if you would like to apply to be a GU6 Champion.

Become a GU6 Champion

GU6 Events and how to get involved

We have hosted a number of events featuring a diverse array of speakers and we always receive fantastic feedback.  We like to ensure there is an interactive element to these events providing a great opportunity for people to come together and discuss their experiences. If you’d like to get involved in our GU6 events, please get in touch.

Contact us

Meet the GU6 Champions

Liz Willingham

Managing Director at Liz Lean PR

Emma Starmer

Senior Employment Law & HR Advisor at Lester Aldridge

Chris Kane

Co-Founder at Greendale Construction

Simon Boyd

Managing Director at Reid Steel

Caron Khan

Owner of Caron Khan Consultancy

Mark Norton

Director at Composite Profiles UK Ltd

Tony Brown

Mortgage Broker & Advisor at Y-Not Finance

Ian Girling

Chief Executive at Dorset Chamber

Elaine Wilkins

Business Development Manager at Antony Batty & Co

Ian Jones

Head of External Engagement at Bournemouth University

Marc Penn

Founder and Director of Your Perfect Source

Jayes Rana

MD Godsell Arnold Partnership

Dorothy Brown

Co-Founder Modern Listings

Please be aware that Dorset Chamber is unable to endorse or vouch for the GU6 Champions who have put themselves forward to undertake this role and there is no liability on Dorset Chamber as a result of people contacting a GU6 Champion. 

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