Inspiring local GP toughs it out to raise £3K for YMCA Bournemouth

YMCA Bournemouth are extremely proud and grateful to be working with local partners in our quest to help those in need locally.  The ‘helping those less fortunate than ourselves’ story includes so many people working together and this includes the Health Bus, NHS Mental Health Support, YMCA and local Practitioners.

YMCA Senior Operations Manager, Martin Stockley said, “Locally, and nationally, there are numerous organisations and charities that are simply focused on making a positive difference to people’s lives. We never forget however, that behind these groups there are inspiring and passionate individuals that really do make a difference. Thank you never seems enough, but each success and each live turned around is the reward we all celebrate and seek.”

Russell Betts has worked as a GP partner in Bournemouth for 18 years and is a GP Trainer.  One of his colleagues delivers a weekly clinic with the Health Bus in Bournemouth and is a local inspiration to Russell.  Russell said, “He has a truly selfless manner and seems to genuinely thrive of the work he does with the homeless, coming back from a clinic full of enthusiasm and positive energy, it made me want to do more to help out in some way.”.

Russell has always enjoyed long distance events and during lock down last year signed up for the Ultraman Triathlon distance event in Castellon de la plana in Spain.  He was the only British entrant among 21 other competitors. Russell continued, “It was a gruelling few days.  Day one was a 10km swim and 140km cycle, day two 280km on the bike then a double Marathon on day three.”
Russell was pleased with his result, completing it in 30 hours. “I really enjoyed the swim and bike ride, the scenery was beautiful and the weather good.  The first marathon was OK but to be honest the last 20km of the 2nd marathon were really tough, my legs were screaming with every step thinking of the sponsorship and those in difficulty every day of their lives, this helped inspire me to get through the dark moments.”.

YMCA Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch work tirelessly to help those who are also toughing it out and are so proud and thankful to have people like Russell help raise invaluable support. This is turn means that YMCA can deliver more services/programmes to those in need, ensuring that all can thrive for a lasting and positive future in our local communities.

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