Local Engineering Consultancy Set Sights on Broadway

Amtek Engineering Solutions has once again teamed up with Twins FX to make dreams a reality—creating a Flying DeLorean for the Broadway show, Back to the Future: The Musical! Harnessing our collective know-how and using cutting-edge technology, we’re building an airborne time machine just like in this classic hit.

The team pulled off an awe-inspiring effect that will have audiences absolutely stunned as Marty and Doc take flight. We had to up the ante on the award winning London design with extra functionality, motion capabilities, and smaller production crew in order to create something truly remarkable.

In addition we needed everything to be built and tested here at home, in Dorset but be easily shipped to New York ready for opening night -no easy task! But none of these requirements fazed us: even after basic testing was completed we kept pushing forward until every element worked just right – our Principal Stress Engineer and Graduate Design Engineer were so confident in their design they actually took turns going aloft themselves during simulation trials – now that’s trust!

The partnership of the Twins FX’s incredible attention to detailed combined with Amtek’s engineering problem solving ability really made the impossible, possible.


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