A-One Insurance Group raise £1100 for Children in Need

Dorset based A-One Insurance Group, hosted a series of fundraising activities to raise an impressive amount of £1100 for Children in Need this week.

The first activity saw the introduction of the ‘A-One Olympics’ a competitive challenge for each team which involved a speed quiz, obstacle course with an egg and spoon, hula hoops, star jumps, space hopper racing and a sprint, building a card pyramid and playing skittles.

Next up was the annual ‘Marshmallow Eating Competition’ where the most stuffed cheeks in the building was 14 this year by Scott Elliott, however his record  high score still remains undefeated at 25 from last year.

‘How many balloons in a Mini?’ saw 217 balloons stuffed into Steph Selby’s Mini Cooper and ‘How many sweets in a jar’ was held by QBE insurance.

The AOIG cake sale featured Stuart Merryweather’s famous sausage rolls and sold out within 12 minutes!  Other challenges included 3 buckets and one ball and a FIFA Tournament.

The highlight of the day had to be ‘Sponge a Director’ which involved AOIG Directors Sarah Eades, Matthew Hines, James McComish and Ryan Jupp having wet sponges launched at them from other members of the team, who paid £5 for 3 sponges!

Lia Martin, Director at AOIG says, “The day saw mixed teams enter from A-One Insurance, Aspire Insurance and McComish Insurance, and we are delighted with the amount we raised for Children in Need.

£414 was raised from the Property Team raffle – a huge thanks to New Forest Aqua Park, Hallmark Hotels, RSA, Allianz, Koh Thai Tapas, Allum & Sidaway, The Hair Salon & Beauty, LV and Ringwood Brewery for their generous prize donations.”

For more information about A-One Insurance Group please visit www.aoig.co.uk

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