Premier League football player helps with citizenship and respect

AFC Bournemouth men’s first team player Lewis Cook visited Pokesdown Community Primary School to take part in the Community Sports Trust’s respect and citizenship project. The midfielder was joined by club legend Steve Fletcher and the duo spent time answering questions and helping students consider what constitutes respectful behaviour.

The project is sponsored by Goadsby, who are a leading independent estate agent in central Southern England, covering Dorset, Hampshire and South Wiltshire. The company, who are one of the UK’s top-ranked property providers, are official partners of the Community Sports Trust and sponsor the respect and citizen school project.

Last season, 127 respect and citizenship sessions were delivered to primary schools in Dorset and Goadsby provided booklets which include fun activities and games, whilst also showing examples of how we can show respect in football. The workshop was held during Anti-Bullying Week and provided an understanding to the pupils on how to treat their peers.

Steve Cuss, head of Community Sports Trust, said: “I’m always amazed at the different topics that are being talked about at schools and how the school children and the teachers are doing fantastic work around some of those discussions.

“For us to talk about respect in the lifestyle of schools and within the football environment to see how the two marry up, is really important.”

Paul Stewart, managing director at Goadsby Commercial, added: “We would like to thank the Club for supporting our Respect and Citizenship campaign with the presence of Lewis Cook and Steve Fletcher today.

“It has been a privilege to witness the efforts of Steve Cuss and the Community Trust team, who have visited thousands of schoolchildren in the last 10 years.

“Watching Steve and his colleagues engage the children in such a fundamental value of showing everyone respect is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work.”

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