Recruitment 101: Why delay when you can act?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race,’ but that’s most certainly not the case in the jobs market at the moment. I think it’s fair to say that we are now living in an ‘attention economy’ where without grabbing people’s attention, or giving people the attention, they desire, they will move on or away from you as quickly as they showed their initial interest; this statement is pertinent to recruiters and jobseekers alike. So, where am I going with this…….. does speed + attention/engagement = Success? Not always, but it sure does give you a much better chance.

Having recruited for hundreds of different businesses, and represented thousands of candidates on their job search, I know that you have to act quickly, efficiently and professionally to secure talent. As the employment market continues to become more competitive, can you really say you’re not creating unnecessary hurdles to slow down the process of employing or being employed?

We all know that often the best results are seen when we are decisive, sure we take into consideration the risks, the
pros and cons but we take action. The days of waiting weeks or even months to know if you’ve been successful in
your job application should be over. The next generation who live in the ‘attention economy’ will not be willing to wait, nor will they have to as many astute businesses are sweeping up the top talent by simply being first.

So, here’s my final thought, when possible don’t delay when you make a commitment to recruit or search out new employment. Be clear and concise in your goals, and make it happen or risk being left behind by those that do.

Daniel Jordan
Regional Operations Director
Mploy Staffing Solutions

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