Renewing all signage and graphics for AFC Bournemouth: A Perfect Score for Branding

The importance of well-designed signage and graphics cannot be overstated. As the official print and signage partner for AFC Bournemouth, BCP Media Group is excited to share its ongoing project to renew all signage, wall arts & graphics.

The project involved a thorough transformation of every customer area at the Vitality Stadium & training ground. Embracing modern aesthetics, incorporating visually striking Red Army quotes and player portraits along the walls. This design overhaul not only showcases the rich history and passion of the club but also immerses the supporters in an inspiring environment. Every touchpoint has been reviewed and modified to ensure a consistent and immersive branding experience, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

A crucial aspect of the redesign process was the close involvement of BCP Media Group’s skilled team. From the initial design concepts to the final manufacturing and installation stages, BCP Media Group were fully committed to providing the highest quality signage and graphics. By leveraging its expertise in the industry, they were able to create visually captivating displays that truly reflect the identity of AFC Bournemouth. The collaboration with the Brand and Design team ensured that every detail met the club’s vision and brand guidelines, enhancing the overall fan experience.

At its core, BCP Media Group believe in supporting local clubs and businesses. The partnership with AFC Bournemouth aligns perfectly with this principle. By investing resources, talent, and energy into enhancing the club’s visual identity, it contributes to its success both on and off the field. Furthermore, this collaboration serves as an example of the positive impact that local partnerships can have on the growth and vitality of the community.

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