Rubicon Announces Significant Addition to the EO Trustee Team

In March 2021, co-founders, Lloyd Banks and Jocelyn Browne charted an inspiring course for Rubicon’s future by announcing its transition to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) where 100% of the company shares are held on behalf of all Rubicon Recruitment employees. 

Today, the Rubicon EO Trustees are proud to unveil a significant addition to the Trustee team: Andy Brown, a seasoned finance professional esteemed for his independence and strategic acumen.  It’s a fitting moment to share this news, coinciding with the three-year anniversary of Rubicon’s transition to Employee Ownership.  In just three short years, Rubicon has made remarkable strides towards financial freedom and is now at a pivotal point in its history where it can set an exciting, new vision for the next five years and beyond.

Jessica Comolly-Jones, Director at Rubicon Recruitment said:
‘The prospect of appointing a new external trustee to our Board of Trustees was an exciting opportunity, but it required careful consideration regarding the necessary character, skills, and experience for the role. We needed someone who possessed financial acumen while also aligning with Rubicon’s core values and purpose. After evaluating several candidates, Andy Brown stood out to us. We have known Andy since he relocated to Dorset and joined the Operating Board for our friends at Salad Creative.  Andy played a pivotal role in guiding Salad through their transition to Employee Ownership just over three years ago, a month before Rubicon. We know and admire him, and he brings extensive financial expertise to the table as a seasoned CFO, NED and Board Advisor. We are thrilled to welcome Andy to the Board of Trustees, and confident he’ll provide oversight, additional scrutiny, and valuable challenges to our Leadership Board.’

As a highly accomplished Accounting and Finance expert and Chartered Accountant and Chartered Director, Andy boasts an impressive career spanning over 20 years in finance and corporate governance.  His extensive experience encompasses a diverse range of roles, from topline financial analysis to executive leadership, each contributing to his multifaceted skill set and nuanced understanding of business dynamics. Notably, Andy has cultivated a deep-seated expertise in company direction, honed through his involvement at another prominent local Employee-Owned business.  With a passion for driving sustainable growth and a proven track record of transformative leadership, Andy emerges as a formidable asset poised to support Rubicon’s journey towards a future defined by growth and success.

Andy, says about his new role:
‘I’m delighted to be joining Rubicon’s Trust Board. Rubicon has a strong and enviable reputation locally, and since moving to Dorset in 2013, I’ve enjoyed getting to know a number of the team through their involvement and commitment to the business community. I have already been impressed that we already have strong and clear values and purpose which the team is united behind. I look forward to encouraging, challenging, and supporting the Leadership Board as they lead the company in this exciting chapter for Rubicon.’

Louise White, Employee Trustee and Head of Finance says:
‘Bringing Andy Brown on board as our Independent Trustee is a pivotal moment for us all. As we toast to 3 remarkable years of being employee-owned, Andy’s arrival marks a dynamic chapter of growth and transparency within our team. His expertise as a seasoned finance professional will not only elevate our financial strategies but also enhance communication and transparency across the board. With Andy’s guidance, oversight & experience, the entire Rubicon team will be in a ‘full loop’ of communication, ensuring that ideas flourish & our culture is further synchronised throughout the business. We’re confident going forward that Rubicon will rise to new heights of success together, all while promoting a culture where everyone’s voice is heard.’

Andy joined Rubicon’s first quarterly EO Trust meeting on the 21st of March to meet with the other Trustee members and the Leadership team in the Poole office.

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