Save a life 24, you chance to help save a life!

Over the past few months, Individuality has been working with students from Bournemouth University on a project to access the number of young people who cannot swim in the BCP area and ascertain some of the reasons why they can’t swim. We are thrilled to share our findings, particularly our new community focus project “Save a Life 24” 

Through a comprehensive exploration, our research team, in conjunction with 21 different schools in the BCP area, identified key recommendations aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of swimming education.

Some of the highlighted recommendations are things we do very well at Individuality Swimming, for example offering small classes, which are key to learning, learning through fun enhances the swimmers understanding, also adapting to a variety of learning styles helps delivery great swimming lessons.

A pivotal revelation from our project was the alarming statistic that 41% of secondary school pupils lack the confidence in swimming a mere 25 meters and would struggle to save themselves should they get into difficulty in the water! 41% is conservative estimate, the true figure we fear is much higher. This finding underscores the urgency to address this issue, and as a company, we have set a bold goal for 2024 with our initiative, “Save a Life 24.” 

  • We will step up our school outreach program promoting Water Safety.
  • Ask people who know someone who cannot swim to get intouch and try a lesson.
  • Work closer with children’s groups, Schools, Cubs, Guides, Scouts etc to promote water safety.
  • Forge closer ties with water charities like the RNLI and RLSS
  • Set up coffee mornings/evening for people who have a fear of water and want to overcome  that fear.
  • Get as many people swimming as possible across all ages.

With “Save a Life 24” We would like your assistance in getting as many people swimming as possible, we have a voucher that we encourage you to share with friends or family members who cannot swim, providing them with a complimentary lesson, in the hope that they start their Learn to Swim journey, you could save a life!

Beyond the lifesaving aspect, we want to underscore the numerous benefits associated with swimming. It is not merely a skill; it is a holistic experience that fosters social interactions, promotes fitness and health through a non-weight bearing activity, and contributes to mental well-being by providing time to decompress and releasing endorphins.

Join us in spreading the love for swimming and granting individuals of all ages the chance to transform their lives. Together, we can make a significant impact, not just in saving lives but in enhancing overall well-being through the joy of swimming.

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