Talk Think Do launches search for first Prompt Engineer in anticipation of AI service growth

UK tech firm Talk Think Do has launched a recruitment campaign to bring a Prompt Engineer into its growing team. The bespoke cloud solutions firm is one of the first companies in the UK to hire for the topical Prompt Engineer position.

The newly developed role comes in response to fast and impactful developments in AI. The demand for Prompt Engineers has increased with Microsoft’s significant investment into OpenAI, and as approved users are beginning to gain increased access to the model, its integration into businesses is becoming clearer. Despite being a brand-new role for the industry, experts are expecting remuneration for Prompt Engineers to start at £50,000 and in some cases, fetch six-figure salaries.

Talk Think Do is recruiting for this position following experimentation with and successful integration of AI into several client projects. With exclusive access to Azure OpenAI services and following immense revenue growth of over 750 percent from £267,000 in 2018 to £2.3million in 2022, Talk Think Do is dedicating resource and investment to become recognised experts in this fast-moving field.

Louise Clayton, Managing Director at Talk Think Do, said: “As part of our growing service offering, we are now building custom generative AI solutions for customers. With the launch of new AI services in the pipeline for this year, we are confident that a Prompt Engineer will help us deliver to expectations effectively and ethically.

“We believe OpenAI is the model to be taken seriously and recognise the importance of having skilled AI experts on the team. We have a strong trust in Microsoft to offer capabilities for us to build strong systems that solve problems. With more and more customers wanting to integrate AI into their projects, this is the perfect time for us to be hiring for this unique opportunity.”

While the requirements for and role of a Prompt Engineer are still being determined across the industry, Talk Think Do are pioneering the job specification and state that the role includes responsibility for creating prompts that optimise accuracy, diversity, and the overall quality of AI-generated content. Through their expertise in complementary technical fields, the Prompt Engineer will be expected to elevate AI systems to support client objectives, ensuring user interactions are seamless and engaging.

In addition to technical developments, it is perceived that Prompt Engineers can support the ethical development of AI models for customers worldwide. Commenting on this, Louise adds: “Ethical considerations are of paramount importance to us. We believe that a key part of the Prompt Engineer role in our business, and across the industry, will tackle the challenge of identifying and mitigating biases in AI outputs.

“The introduction of Prompt Engineers into tech teams is an exciting development for AI and the creation of this role will transform human-computer interaction. We are proud to be at the forefront of that movement. I am looking forward to meeting ambitious individuals who are ready to revolutionise technology and positively shape a future where AI seamlessly integrates into our lives.”

Talk Think Do is actively seeking individuals who have a strong background in computer science, artificial intelligence, or a related field. The Prompt Engineer role is offered on a permanent basis, with a suggested salary of £50K – £65K, dependent on experience. Talk Think Do offers flexible office-based, hybrid or remote working, with offices in Dorset and London.

To learn more about Talk Think Do’s AI Prompt Engineer role and to apply, interested candidates can visit

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