Tank Museum releases British sign language tour dates

After the success of the British Sign Language tours in 2023, The Tank Museum has released new tour dates for 2024, starting on 16th March.

The Tank Museum has created a welcoming and accessible experience for visitors by introducing BSL tours, subtitles on video content and hearing loops on the new exhibitions. Military history fans can dig deeper into the story of armoured vehicles in a format that supports their needs.

Head of Visitor Experience, Rosanna Dean said, “Our BSL tours ensure all our visitors can experience the stories of historically significant tanks, and their crews. Our award-winning accessibility programme means everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and engage with the Museum.”

The hour-long tour takes place in the Museum’s flagship Tank Story Hall exhibition that features the 32 most important tanks in the history of armoured warfare, from Little Willie, the first working prototype, to the current main battle tank, Challenger 2.

BSL tours are available on 16th March and 19th October. Tours are free with every museum ticket and booking is essential.

Find out more: https://tankmuseum.org/british-sign-language-tours

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