ViewHR Presents HR Connect – Empowering Strategies for Success

In today's intricate business landscape, there are few areas with responsibilities as far-reaching and complex as People/Human Resources. HR teams continually face a multitude of challenges, from the delicate art of managing business growth, to fostering team success, orchestrating organisational change, mastering risk management, nurturing innovation, and facilitating individual development, all while navigating the intricate web of Employment Law.

ViewHR is proud to announce an upcoming event meticulously crafted to empower and support HR/People/Business Leader professionals in their quest for success taking place on Thursday 2nd November at 8:30am at RNLI College. While the traditional perception of HR often centres around hiring and firing, the role of individuals entrusted with people management has evolved into a multifaceted and pivotal function. Modern HR teams are instrumental in shaping and executing HR strategies that underpin an organisation's path to success. Nevertheless, many HR/People professionals find themselves seeking guidance and expertise in developing effective HR strategies.

The mission of this event is to unite those who shoulder the HR responsibilities within an organisation, whether they are HR Directors, Managers, or Business Owners/Leaders. It is a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights, share their knowledge, and find inspiration centred around the crucial topic of HR Strategy. The event aims to deliver tangible value and invaluable insights that can be seamlessly integrated back into participants' organisations.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your HR strategy! Tickets for this event are available for just £30 per person. Secure your spot today by visiting:

Key event highlights include:
Expert Presentations: Esteemed speakers and thought leaders from Pro-actions and Mazars will delve into the intricacies of business and finance strategy, offering practical guidance and actionable insights.
Interactive Sessions: The team at ViewHR will host a HR Strategy session designed to enhance your strategic HR capabilities.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can drive future HR successes.

For more information please contact: or call 01425 205390.

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