Women in warefare at The Tank Museum this half term

Explore women in warfare, from WWI to the modern day, at The Tank Museum this half term, February 12-18, and discover Dorset’s biggest day out!

Inspired by women’s roles in the military, from nurses in the trenches and factory workers to the tank crews of today, there is a packed programme of crafts, activities, and a new ‘Women in Warfare’ trail.

Visitor Experience General Manager, Rosanna Dean, said, “We are looking forward to the opportunity to mark and commemorate the women who have lived through and served in conflict.

“Visitors will be able to experience history brought to life through the recreated female field hospital display and take part in polaroid craft projects motivated by the women in their lives.”

The Museum will tell the incredible stories of women like 18-year-old, Dorothy Lawrence, who disguised herself as a male soldier to report on the front lines during WWI, and Russian T-34 commander Aleksandra Samusenko, who led an attack that took out three Tiger I tanks.

Visitors can explore the 300 tanks in the collection and take part in activities including designing tanks like the women in the tank factories and make postcards to send to the front.

The Museum also offers an onsite restaurant and café, and children can enjoy the soft play area and a tank-themed outdoor play area.

Tickets include an annual pass and there is 10% discount for booking online. Find out more https://tankmuseum.org/events/february-half-term

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