Lithium Batteries: Essential Safety Measures by John Pipe International

Lithium batteries are vital in today’s world of portable electronics, indispensable in items from smartphones to electric vehicles. These energy-dense power sources require careful handling when transporting due to risks like thermal runaway, short circuits, fire, or even explosion. This makes compliance with international regulations crucial.

Poole-based John Pipe International offers expert services in this field, with fully trained and certified staff ensuring safe handling of lithium battery consignments from collection to delivery.

Training and Compliance: Only qualified individuals can pack and sign off Dangerous Goods Notes. John Pipe is well-versed in the latest regulations and training programs specific to lithium batteries, guaranteeing that qualified individuals handle your consignment.

Packaging, Labelling, and Documentation: Packed lithium batteries require accurate labelling, which is a critical aspect of safe lithium battery transportation. Packages must be marked with appropriate hazard labels and handling instructions. John Pipe adheres to strict packaging instructions for all types of freight. Accurate labelling and documentation like the Dangerous Goods Note ensure safe transport.

Handling Prototype Batteries: The rise in prototype batteries that are larger, more powerful, and more efficient means the number of non-certified lithium batteries that require shipping has increased. For these batteries, John Pipe designs custom packaging with fire suppressant materials and obtains necessary approvals for safe shipping.

John Pipe not only ensures compliance and safety in packing and shipping lithium batteries but also provides peace of mind. Their experienced personnel are adept at handling all types of lithium battery consignments. For expert guidance, get in touch today.

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