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New UVMATIC Plus Mobile Air Purifier Kills Covid-19

Posted on: 22/04/2020

Infection control specialist DDC Dolphin has launched a new mobile air purifier to help tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis.

Industrial strength UVMATIC Plus uses ultraviolet light and ozone to kill viruses, bacteria, fungus and mould.

It is more effective and cheaper than using chemicals. Two powerful UV lights penetrate the walls of micro-organisms and shatter their DNA – making it impossible for them to reproduce.

DDC Dolphin Marketing Director Zoe Allen said: “Using UV and ozone technology provides a natural solution to the problem of drug- and chemical-resistant micro-organisms.

“This powerful but eco-friendly technology doesn’t merely filter out micro-organisms – it destroys them.”

UVMATIC Plus has been designed to be moved easily from room to room. It is:

  • strong and robust
  • light and easy to carry, thanks to an ergonomic strap
  • simple to use by on-site staff – no need to bring in specialist external operators
  • suitable for a wide range of locations including hospitals, care homes, clinics, schools, hotels and restaurants.

Operators simply place UVMATIC Plus in a room and switch on the timer. The unit draws in polluted air then treats it using UV light and photocatalytic oxidation. It creates:

  • photoplasma – which eliminates bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms
  • ozone – highly reactive and energised oxygen that disinfects the air
  • negative ions – which increase the efficiency of the process, removing airborne impurities and dust.

The result is a cleaner, safer and more hygienic environment.

Air purification units are the latest in DDC Dolphin’s range of infection control solutions for hospitals, care homes and other infection-critical environments.

Dorset-based DDC Dolphin manufactures and supplies equipment including medical pulp macerators, bedpan washer disinfectors, incontinence product macerators, air purifiers, medical pulp consumables and maceratable/flushable wipes.

The Poole company has just supplied 16 machines to Cardiff’s NHS Nightingale Hospital for Covid-19 patients. The critical care temporary field hospital at the city’s Principality Stadium can accommodate up to 2,000 patients.

DDC Dolphin is the leading manufacturer of medical pulp macerators. It is one of only three companies in the world specialising in the manufacture of these machines.

DDC Dolphin exports sluice room equipment and accessories across the world, safeguarding patients and clinicians from dangerous infections. Key markets include Europe, India, Singapore and the rest of Asia.

For more information, please contact DDC Dolphin Marketing Director Zoe Allen, 01202 731555, [email protected],

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