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Return & Recycle

Posted on: 16/09/2021

Did you know, 350,000 tonnes worth of textiles are sent to landfill each year?

Workwear Pro Direct’s (WWPD) Buy Back scheme has been active since 2019 where its initial aim was to recycle clothing and signage found to be surplus after charity and sporting events. Since its launch, WWPD has refocused its goals to develop its ‘Buy Back’ scheme by partnering with a leading textile destruction and recycling firm, Avena who specialise in secure clothing & uniform disposal.

WWPD customers all have the option to return old and damaged workwear or uniforms to them, which it then sends to Avena for disposal. As an incentive for customers to dispose of old clothing in an environmentally conscious way, WWPD credits customers with £30 for every 100kg of workwear returned!

The WWPD team sorts through all Buy Back returns into 2 containers for collection:

  1. Textiles with 50% + cotton content which can then be broken down and recycled into to new materials.
  2. Less than 50% cotton and all other materials currently cannot be recycled with Avena but are sent to be incinerated and turned into energy.

Both options reduce landfill waste.

The first phase of WWPD’s Buy Back collection with Avena has resulted in the following:

616 kg of clothing was returned to WWPD to be recycled or re-used.  That’s an equivalent weight to 1,500 iPads!

616 kg clothing = 1048 kg of Co2 saved from the atmosphere compared to disposal by landfill.
An estimated 628,406 litres of water has been saved by aiding the manufacturing process of future textiles.

100% of WWPD’s Buy Back collection was recycled or re-used.

The Buy Back Challenge
The industry faces a huge challenge on how to make sustainably made products more available and affordable to customers.
WWPD is proud to partner with top brands such as Regatta (Honestly Made collection), Result (Genuine Recycled range), Brook Taverner (Performance/Eclipse & Today collections) and Leo Workwear (Eco Viz range) who are all proactively innovating and working hard to overcome this challenge by making fantastic eco conscious products available for consumers to make smarter, sustainable choices.

With more sustainable products on the market WWPD can further reduce amount of clothing sent for incineration and increase our Buy Back collections that can be recycled. WWPD is proud of what it has done so far but remains focused on further reducing textile landfill.

Do you want to purchase sustainably made uniform but feel the costs are too high? Challenge WWPD to find you the best lines of eco friendly products at the best price!

Together, we can make a difference!

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