Sharing the love in Kenya

If youve ever been through a corporate rebrand, youll know that the design stage is just the beginning. You soon realise how many things around the office and factory need updating with your new logo and how many branded items are no longer fit for purpose.

We found ourselves in this very situation in 2022, having introduced an updated identity. So, we decided to see it as an opportunity to do something positive.

Engaging with Awaken Love, a fantastic local charity in Dorset, we donated our old corporate clothing – shirts and polo shirts – for distribution to one of their projects in Kenya. And, we have to say, it brought a huge smile to our faces when we received a photo from The Gideons Orphanage in Kenya this week after the clothing arrived just before Christmas.

Gideons orphanage houses around 360 children who have been orphaned from poverty and HIV/Aids. Over the past 14 years Awaken Love has partnered with other organisations worldwide to help rebuild the building, and the community.

David Bell, from Precision Acoustics said,

“I’ve been associated with Awaken Love and The Gideons Orphanage ever since my two teenage sons were taken there back in 2010 by the family who run the charity. I have been involved in setting up IT and science facilities at the on-site school, as well as some teaching. It’s a great project and has transformed the lives of many young people.

If you would like to help Awaken Love and support one of their projects, why not visit their website today? (Link

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